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opted for KanHan’s One-stop Telecom & IT Solution

Established in 1988, LAMTEX SECURITIES Ltd. (LAMTEX) has been providing various financial services in Hong Kong. In coping with her expansion plan suited for the Internet era, LAMTEX has chosen KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) to supply a telecom and IT infrastructure that can readily adapt to the fast-changing technology stoked business environment and at the same time fulfill the compliance requirements stipulated by the local regulatory authority. The one-stop solution comprises of Cloud based telephone and voice recording subscription service, website and mobile app development service.

Cloud PABX Telephone Service

LAMTEX’s expansion plan entails a larger office with the need of an easily expandable telephone system. Going against the traditional approach of acquiring a new PABX telephone system, LAMTEX subscribes to KanHan’s Cloud based telephone service. The subscription enables telephony over IP such that telephone sets can plug into their existing broadband network with no need of separate cabling and new lines can be easily added through new subscription requiring no installation. LAMTEX is convinced the rental service is far more economical and flexible to the traditional telephone system they used to have. KANHAN also helped migrate their used telephone numbers to the subscribed service minimizing disruption to daily operation due to the office relocation.

Cloud Voice Recording Service

KanHan’s Cloud PABX Telephone Service also brings to the benefit that all lines can be optionally enabled with voice recording function which is important for regulatory compliance. LAMTEX doesn’t not have to purchase voice recording machine which costs a fairly high price for maintenance. Using the phone numbers provided by KanHan to dial or receive calls, all conversations are automatically recorded, encrypted and stored to the Cloud servers. Users can review the saved voice recording on a secured designated website. An extended service is also available for users to record customer conversation when they are away from office via a mobile application. The recordings are saved to the Cloud servers under the same subscription plan. Not only has the voice recording service provided a centralized management of required recorded conversations for LAMTEX, as a third party independent supplier KanHan can accredit the recording a reliable evidence to fall back on when assessing any dispute between a broker and its client concerning the particulars of a trade order. . KanHan’s Cloud Voice Recording Service is an ideal solution to fulfill LAMTEX’s expectation in terms of cost, security and reliability.

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