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Client Management Infrastructure (CMI)

KanHan Client Management Infrastructure incorporates the essential components of unified communication capture and information analytics to form the foundation of building client satisfaction and loyalty.

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HanPHONE Contact Center System (HCCS)
HCCS is an expansion on the widely adopted HanPHONE CTI platform, with comprehensive inbound and outbound call center features, essential call supervision and monitoring capabilities, and critical reporting tools

Developed on an open platform with nuts and bolts matching all the major customer relationship management (CRM) systems in the market. KanHanCRM seamlessly integrated with HCCS to provide a truly whole product that fulfills an all-in-one client management solution the market is looking for in Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Support & Service, Order Management and More.

HanPHONE Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Platform
KanHan's award winning CTI platform provides the latest IP based PBX technologies for telephone diversion and enquiry system supporting instant information delivered in English, Putonghua and Cantonese. HanPHONE CTI is modularly designed such that the sophisticated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Voice Recording Service (VRS) systems can integrate and support independently with major brands of traditional PBX systems